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Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in Reno

We understand how profoundly Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) affects your daily life and overall well-being. At Reno CyberKnife, we are deeply aware of these challenges and are committed to helping you overcome them. Our cutting-edge radiation therapy is designed to specifically target and alleviate the severe pain associated with TN.

Our dedicated team is here to support you throughout your journey, ensuring you receive the care and relief you need to regain control of your life. With Reno CyberKnife, you don’t have to face TN alone; we’re with you every step of the way toward a brighter, pain-free future.

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition affecting the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain. Characterized by sudden, severe, electric shock-like pain in the face, it can be triggered by everyday activities such as eating, speaking, or touching the face.

The pain episodes can last from a few seconds to several minutes, and they often occur in quick succession. This condition can significantly impact the quality of life, making simple tasks daunting.

Common Risk Factors

Understanding the common risk factors for trigeminal neuralgia can help in the early identification and management of this painful condition. Here are some key risk factors to be aware of: 

  • Age: Trigeminal neuralgia is more common in individuals over the age of 50. 
  • Gender: Women are more likely to develop this condition than men. 
  • Medical Conditions: Certain conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and hypertension, can increase the risk. 
  • Family History: A family history of trigeminal neuralgia or other nerve disorders may elevate the risk.
  • Facial Trauma: Injuries or surgeries involving the facial region can contribute to the onset of trigeminal neuralgia.

Why the CyberKnife Treatment?

The biggest challenge for patients diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia is managing this intense pain, which can be debilitating and difficult to treat with conventional methods. Traditional treatments often fall short, offering only temporary relief or carrying significant side effects that diminish the patient’s quality of life. 

The CyberKnife system emerges as a revolutionary solution for trigeminal neuralgia, leveraging advanced technology to deliver precise, non-invasive radiation therapy. Unlike other treatments, it targets the trigeminal nerve with unparalleled accuracy, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This precision ensures that patients experience significant pain reduction with fewer side effects, allowing them to regain control over their lives.

Benefits of the CyberKnife

  • Non-Invasive Approach: Say goodbye to the anxiety of traditional surgery. The CyberKnife offers a pain-free, non-invasive procedure that eliminates the risks associated with conventional methods. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a safer, more comfortable treatment option. 
  • Rapid Relief: Why endure prolonged discomfort when rapid relief is within reach? The CyberKnife has targeted radiation therapy that is designed to alleviate your pain in just one treatment session, allowing you to reclaim your life sooner than you ever thought possible.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Rest easy knowing that every moment of your treatment is executed with pinpoint accuracy. The CyberKnife system’s real-time tracking adapts to your body’s natural movements, ensuring consistent precision throughout the procedure. This level of accuracy translates to better results and reduced risk of complications
  • Minimal Disruption: With the CyberKnife system’s efficient treatment time, you can maintain your daily routine with minimal interruptions.Focus on what truly matters in your life while effectively managing your condition.

Why Reno CyberKnife Stands Out

When it comes to managing Trigeminal Neuralgia, Reno CyberKnife offers unmatched expertise and cutting-edge technology. Here’s why choosing us ensures exceptional care: 

Experienced Specialists: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to providing top-notch care, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment plan customized for your condition. 

Patient-Centered Environment: We prioritize creating a comfortable and supportive environment where you feel cared for and understood, ensuring your treatment experience is as pleasant as possible. 

Comprehensive Support: From your initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up, our dedicated support team is with you every step of the way, ensuring all your questions are answered and your needs are met. 

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TN is a rare condition with a lifetime prevalence of up to 0.3%.

Age 50+

TN is most common in people older than 50.