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Liver Cancer Treatment in Reno 

Liver cancer can be a complex challenge. But at Reno CyberKnife, we’re equipped to fight back.

Our experienced oncology team develops personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. Utilizing the innovative CyberKnife® system, we deliver precise radiation therapy, minimizing side effects and maximizing effectiveness.

Let us help you fight liver cancer and prioritize your quality of life.

What is Liver Cancer? 

Liver cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the liver, an essential organ responsible for filtering toxins from the blood and aiding in digestion. It can develop from the main cells of the liver, called hepatocytes, or from bile ducts.

Liver cancer often goes undetected in its early stages due to the lack of noticeable symptoms. Early diagnosis and advanced treatment options are crucial for improving outcomes and enhancing quality of life. 

Common Risk Factors

Understanding the common risk factors for liver cancer can help in early detection and prevention. Here are some key risk factors: 

  • Chronic Hepatitis B or C Infection: Long-term infection with these viruses can lead to liver damage and increase the risk of liver cancer. 
  • Cirrhosis: Scarring of the liver caused by various liver diseases and conditions, such as hepatitis and chronic alcohol abuse. 
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption: Drinking large amounts of alcohol over many years can lead to irreversible liver damage. 
  • Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Accumulation of fat in the liver not caused by alcohol can increase the risk of liver cancer. 
  • Aflatoxin Exposure: Consuming foods contaminated with aflatoxins, which are toxins produced by certain types of molds. 
  • Diabetes: Having diabetes can increase the risk of liver cancer, especially if associated with other risk factors like obesity. 
  • Obesity: Being significantly overweight can contribute to liver cancer risk due to fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. 
  • Inherited Liver Diseases: Certain genetic liver disorders, such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease, can elevate the risk of developing liver cancer. 

The CyberKnife System for Liver Cancer

One of the biggest challenges among liver cancer patients is the difficulty in treating tumors located in hard-to-reach areas without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. Traditional surgical methods often pose significant risks and may not be viable for all patients due to the liver’s complex structure and critical functions.  

The CyberKnife system offers a revolutionary solution by delivering precise, high-dose radiation beams that target tumors with pinpoint accuracy. This non-invasive technology minimizes damage to healthy tissue, reduces recovery time, and provides a highly effective treatment option for liver cancer patients, especially those who are not candidates for surgery. 

Benefits of the CyberKnife Treatment

  • Real-Time Tumor Tracking: The advanced imaging of the CyberKnife system allows for continuous monitoring and adjustment during treatment, ensuring the radiation precisely follows the tumor even as you breathe or move. 
  • Pain-Free Sessions: This advanced technology ensures your sessions are not only effective but also comfortable and stress-free. Embrace a treatment that prioritizes your well-being and peace of mind. 
  • Outpatient Convenience: With the CyberKnife system, treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing you to return home the same day and maintain your daily routine with minimal disruption.
  • Fewer Treatment Sessions: The powerful and precise radiation delivery of the CyberKnife system often means fewer treatment sessions compared to conventional radiation therapy (5 vs. 45). 
  • Tailored Treatment Plans:  Each of the CyberKnife treatment plans are customized to your specific tumor’s size, shape, and location, ensuring the most effective approach for your unique situation. 

Reno CyberKnife Leads in Care 

We’re at the forefront of liver cancer care, offering unparalleled treatment options. Here’s how we lead the way: 

Expert Oncology Team: Rely on the expertise of our highly qualified oncology specialists. With years of experience and up-to-date knowledge, our team provides personalized, high-quality care tailored to your individual needs. 

Shorter Treatment Duration:  Time is precious, and so is your health. Our streamlined protocols often compress treatment schedules into a five days, a stark contrast to traditional therapies that can drag on for weeks.  

Unparalleled Success Rates: Experience the power of innovation and excellence. Our groundbreaking approach has consistently delivered remarkable outcomes, instilling genuine confidence and renewed hope in the effectiveness of your treatment. 

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Liver cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the world.


The 5-year survival rate for liver cancer in the U.S. is 20%.