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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Reno 

When facing kidney cancer, you deserve the most advanced and effective treatment options available. At Reno CyberKnife, we provide leading-edge care designed to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Our dedicated team of specialists is highly experienced in treating kidney cancer with the CyberKnife® system. We are committed to providing compassionate care and support throughout your treatment journey. 

What is Kidney Cancer? 

Kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is a type of cancer that begins in the cells of the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering blood and producing urine. It occurs when kidney cells become abnormal and grow uncontrollably, forming a tumor.

The most common type is renal cell carcinoma, originating in the lining of the small tubes in the kidney. Early stages often present no symptoms, but as the tumor grows, signs such as blood in the urine may appear. 

Common Risk Factors

Kidney cancer can develop due to a variety of reasons. Here are some common risk factors associated with this disease: 

  • Age: The risk increases with age, particularly after age 50. 
  • Gender: Men are more likely to develop kidney cancer than women. 
  • Smoking: Cigarette smoking significantly raises the risk of kidney cancer. 
  • Obesity: Excess body weight is linked to a higher risk of developing kidney cancer. 
  • High Blood Pressure: Hypertension is a known risk factor for kidney cancer. 
  • Family History: A family history of kidney cancer can increase the likelihood of developing the disease. 
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: Those with long-term kidney disease, especially those on dialysis, have a higher risk. 
  • Certain Medications: Long-term use of certain medications can increase the risk of kidney cancer. 
  • Workplace Exposures: Exposure to certain chemicals, such as asbestos and cadmium, can elevate the risk. 

The CyberKnife for Kidney Cancer 

One of the significant challenges faced by patients with kidney cancer is the difficulty of targeting and effectively treating tumors located in the kidneys, especially when the cancer is in an advanced stage or has spread to other areas. Traditional treatment options like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can sometimes be invasive, carry significant side effects, and may not always precisely target the tumor without affecting surrounding healthy tissue. 

The CyberKnife system addresses these challenges with its cutting-edge technology, offering a non-invasive alternative that provides highly precise and targeted treatment. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, the CyberKnife system uses advanced imaging and robotic technology to deliver high doses of radiation with pinpoint accuracy. 

Benefits of the CyberKnife

  • Shorter Treatment Program: Traditional radiation therapy often involves 45 sessions. The CyberKnife condenses this into just 5 highly targeted sessions, each lasting less than an hour.
  • No Hospitalization Required: Unlike surgery, the CyberKnife treatments are outpatient, so they do not require hospitalization, eliminating the risks and recovery time associated with it.
  • Flexibility and Comfort: During the CyberKnife treatments, you can relax in a comfortable, non-restrictive setting. The system’s design allows you to breathe naturally, making the experience much more pleasant.
  • Real-Time Tumor Tracking: The advanced technology of the CyberKnife system tracks the tumor in real-time, ensuring precise targeting even if the tumor moves. This adaptability enhances treatment effectiveness and safety.

Exceptional Care at Reno CyberKnife

When it comes to kidney cancer care, Reno CyberKnife is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality treatment and support. Here’s why we are your trusted partner: 

Expert Medical Team: Our highly skilled physicians and therapists are experienced in the field of radiation oncology for the treatment of kidney cancer. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your care, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment. 

Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient’s journey is unique. Our team works closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, maximizing the effectiveness of your therapy. 

Focus on Innovation: We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of medical advancements. Our continuous pursuit of innovative treatment options ensures that you benefit from the latest and most effective therapies available. 

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Age 64

Most people with kidney cancer are older and the average age of diagnosis is 64.


The 5-year survival rate for people with kidney cancer in the U.S. is 76%.