Ron Huber’s Story

Ron Huber was at a routine checkup when his primary doctor pointed out he was experiencing the telltale signs of prostate cancer. After a few lab tests, Huber’s doctors discovered he had elevated Prostate-Specific Antigens. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2016.
Staying positive, Huber began to perform extensive research on all of his treatment options.
“I chose Reno CyberKnife because I felt it was the perfect match,” Huber said. “It is less invasive than other treatments and the after effects are minimal.”

In January 2017, Huber began treatments with radiation oncologist, Jonathan Tay, MD, at Saint Mary’s Center for Cancer and Reno CyberKnife that spanned five days.
“From the doctor to the nurses to the radiation technician, they were all very caring, personal and accommodating,” said Huber. “It was a wonderful experience considering my situation.”
Huber mentions making lifestyle and diet changes during his treatment, in order to cleanse his system.

“After the fact, I have never eaten so many cheeseburgers in my life,” Huber jokes.
He also mentions that his care providers at Saint Mary’s and Reno CyberKnife played o his humor during treatment.
“They kept it very light, we brought laughter into it and this kept me very much at ease,” Huber said.

Due to his experience, Huber considers himself an advocate for prostate cancer and it is his goal to educate men on the importance of staying on top of their health.
“A very simple urine test can detect elevated PSA. I encourage men to see their primary care doctor,” Huber says of how men can go about getting screened. “Be proactive, not reactive. It could save your life.”

Luckily, Huber was one of the proactive ones and his cancer was caught early. He has returned to work full-time and is enjoying life living in Carson City, Nev.