Reno CyberKnife Proudly Supports the Radiosurgical Research Institute

The Radiosurgical Research Institute (RRI), a 501c3 public charity, is the only independent medical research organization committed to improving the outcomes of cancer patients treated with radiosurgery.  Its mission is to advance radiosurgery as a cancer treatment through innovation, education, and quality research in collaboration with treatment centers around the world.  

Before RRI, radiosurgical treatment centers had little resources from which to draw information.  Each center collected and submitted research data independently to peer-reviewed journals, contributed to text books, delivered oral and written presentations and conducted numerous studies to better understand the capabilities of radiosurgery.  Their experience proved the need for an organization to unite all radiosurgical centers, combine their efforts, resources, and data to form a research network of radiosurgical centers. 

RRI was formed to examine the effectiveness of radiosurgery as a cancer treatment.  Its programs aim to strategically fund and conduct radiosurgical research that will establish best practices and foster multi-institutional research in radiosurgery, as well as raise awareness of radiosurgery as a life-saving cancer treatment that is both well tolerated and cost-effective compared to other cancer treatments.

 At Reno CyberKnife, we are dedicated to the improvement of patient outcomes.  We are proud to support the RRI and all the great work and research they are doing in overcoming this devastating disease known as cancer. 

For more information on the Radiosurgical Research Institute, including ways to get involved or donate, please click here.