Reno CyberKnife Offers Tumor Board as Part of Multidisciplinary Approach to Brain Tumor Treatment

At Reno CyberKnife, we work closely with our hospital partner Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Sierra Neurosurgery to offer multidisciplinary care through Saint Mary’s Brain Tumor Center.

Our radiation oncologists partner with neurosurgeons and other specialists to provide brain tumor patients with a comprehensive range of treatment options by participating in a bi-monthly tumor board and a weekly brain tumor clinic to evaluate each patient’s diagnostic images and medical history and provide guidance on the best course of treatment for their individual diagnosis. Patients also have an opportunity to discuss all treatment options during this time.

The brain tumor clinic was created to give patients greater access to multiple disciplines and help simplify and expedite the treatment decision and process.

Opened in 2008 as a service of Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Reno CyberKnife has treated more than 450 intracranial cases, including patients with trigeminal neuralgia, a painful facial nerve disorder. Brain tumors comprise 44 percent of all patient treatments at Reno CyberKnife.

Typically, brain tumors are treated with surgery or conventional radiation therapy, which can be challenging due to the sensitive tissue surrounding the tumor. The hospital stay and general anesthesia required for surgery and the side effects of conventional radiation therapy can also be difficult for some patients to endure.

Using CyberKnife® technology, we treat primary and metastatic brain tumors with stereotactic radiosurgery. Brain tumors and lesions are typically treated in one outpatient CyberKnife session lasting about 90 minutes. During treatment, high-dose radiation is delivered to the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy. This precision minimizes radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and decreases side effects.

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This is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your health care team. It is intended to help you and your family make informed decisions, together with your doctor.