Meet our CyberKnife Physicians: Drs. Legarza, Tay and Shuff

National Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

March is National Kidney Cancer Awareness Month. Kidney cancer is also known as renal cancer and is one of the 10 most common cancers in both men and women.

In regards to kidney cancer statistics, the American Cancer Society states that “for reasons that are not totally clear, the rate of people developing kidney cancer has been rising steadily since the late 1990s. Part of this is probably due to the development of newer imaging tests such as CT scans, which have picked up some cancers that might never have been found otherwise. The death rates for these cancers have gone down slightly since the middle of the 1990s.”

At Reno CyberKnife, we treat kidney cancer with an advanced procedure called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). One of our former patients, Victor R., traveled from Hawaii to Reno for kidney cancer treatment after he refused surgery for his cancer and became interested in CyberKnife® as a treatment option.

“I never got sick, and I never experienced one bit of pain,” said Victor. “I kept working on my daughter’s backyard deck after each treatment. There are so many things they can do with the CyberKnife. It’s amazing. I’m really hopeful it’s used more in the future. I’ve been very happy with the results.”

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