Influential Brain Tumor Bloggers

Facing a brain tumor diagnosis can be a frightening time, but connecting with other patients who have experienced the disease firsthand can often be a valuable resource. Below are a few influential bloggers who have used their blog as a platform to voice their insight and support for brain tumor patients and their families.


The Liz Army – Liz Salmi chronicles her journey with brain cancer and her efforts as an advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society. She shares her personal experiences, general brain tumor news and her advocacy efforts. 


Catherine Blotner copy

Plated Life – Catherine Blotner is a college student, brain tumor survivor and an inspirational voice for the young brain cancer community. She documents her college experience as a cancer survivor advocating for brain tumor awareness and research. She also created and co-moderates the #btsm (brain tumor social media) Twitter chat the first Sunday of every month as an outlet for others to share their experiences.


Nora Pumort copy

My Husband’s Tumor – Nora Pumort writes about her husband’s journey with brain cancer. Believing that people heal because of three things: medicine, science and love, she blogs from the perspective of a supportive wife about the importance of remaining hopeful and compassionate.


Eric Galvez copy

They Call Me Galvez – Eric Galvez is a physical therapist, brain tumor survivor and author of a book on experiencing brain cancer. He blogs about his treatment journey and his efforts to increase brain tumor awareness.

To find more brain tumor resources visit the National Brain Tumor Society’s website.

This is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your health care team. It is intended to help you and your family make informed decisions, together with your doctor.