How Does CyberKnife Treat Brain Tumors?


A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal canal and can be cancerous or benign. Reno CyberKnife uses CyberKnife® technology to treat brain tumors with a specialized type of radiation therapy called stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). While the name may make some think of knives and scalpels, CyberKnife […]


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Influential Brain Tumor Bloggers


Facing a brain tumor diagnosis can be a frightening time, but connecting with other patients who have experienced the disease firsthand can often be a valuable resource. Below are a few influential bloggers who have used their blog as a platform to voice their insight and support for brain tumor patients and their families. The […]


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Brain Tumor Patient Testimonial



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Reno CyberKnife Offers Multidisciplinary Approach to Brain Tumor Treatment


In recognition of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Reno CyberKnife announces the treatment of more than 300 brain tumor patients since opening in 2008 as a service of Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. The center joins the efforts of community organizations and support groups to raise awareness of brain tumors and educate the public on symptoms and treatment options.

Brain tumors comprise nearly half of the cases treated at the center, accounting for 41 percent of all patient treatments. Reno CyberKnife works with hospital partner Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Sierra Neurosurgery to offer multidisciplinary care through Saint Mary’s Brain Tumor Center. Reno CyberKnife radiation oncologists work closely with neurosurgeons and other specialists to provide brain tumor patients with a comprehensive overview of treatment options. Specialists in both radiation oncology and neurosurgery evaluate each patient’s diagnostic images and medical history to provide guidance on the best course of treatment for their individual diagnosis.

“Reno CyberKnife is proud to be a partner in this collaborative approach to treating patients facing a brain tumor diagnosis,” said Dr. Katie Legarza, Reno CyberKnife co-medical director. “It is a rewarding opportunity to provide patients with the most thorough information available and to educate them on the treatment options available through our program, including CyberKnife®.”


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Spotlight on: Brain Tumors


According to the American Cancer Society, brain tumors account for one in every 100 cancers diagnosed annually in the United States. CyberKnife® stereotactic radiosurgery is an advanced treatment option for brain tumors, providing an important nonsurgical alternative for patients. Below is a brief overview of brain tumors, incidence rates and treatment options. The information provided […]


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Reno CyberKnife focuses on education during Brain Tumor Awareness Month


May marks the recognition of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Since its establishment in 2008, community organizations and support groups celebrate this month with increased efforts to raise awareness of brain tumors, increase funding for research and educate the public on symptoms and treatment options.

The Central Brain Tumor Registry estimates 66,290 new cases of primary non–malignant and malignant brain and central nervous system tumors will be diagnosed in the United States in 2012. What patients may not know is that a large percentage of those diagnoses will be from metastatic tumors, tumors that develop from cancer cells that have spread from another part of the body.

There are more than 120 different types of brain tumors, and while not all are necessarily fatal, any brain tumor should be considered a serious health condition. Brain tumors often create increased pressure in the skull, known as intracranial hypertension. This can lead to, among other conditions, headaches, vomiting, vision problems and altered states of consciousness.


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